Thursday, August 4, 2011

From the Hi-Tec Hook & Bullet Lounge...

Industry insiders often have to sit through countless product demonstration videos that all sound the same. Why? Because for some reason companies don't mind being boring. But at the Hi-Tec Hook & Bullet Lounge, we offer you a less boring alternative to all things product driven.

Make sure you visit the Hi-Tec booth at Outdoor Retailer this week (August 4-7) to check out the first three installments of the Hook & Bullet Lounge Hi-TecKnowledgy Series. Because you have the right to know about the sciencey stuff in your shoes.

And while you're in town, hang out with the Frank and Hi-Tec team during the Hook & Bullet Lounge Beer and Gear Event. As we all know, if you're going to raise money and give away gear, you might as well be drinking a beer.

If you can't make it to Salt Lake for Outdoor Retailer, here's a Hi-TecKnowledgy Series sneak peek. Enjoy.

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