Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's A Wrap!

Our friends at the Laughing Planet Café were looking to get the word out about their fresh, local, and downright tasty menu. But in typical Laughing Planet fashion, they wanted us to do it in a way that was as fun and quirky as they were. No problem.

To tell the story of how Laughing Planet locations offer bowls and burritos that are So Good and So Close, we brought in the unique and surreal characters of new Portland artist Elizabeth Considine. After losing her farm job on Sauvie Island, Elizabeth discovered her talent for abstract and awesome illustration- a perfect fit for Laughing Planet's unique character. Featuring a dinosaur with arms that are too small, a teasing donkey, and a toothless man with a mouthful of burrito, So Good, So Close captures the struggle of wanting something that's good, but just out of reach.

Check out the campaign on a movie theater screen in your neighborhood. You can also see more of Elizabeth's work at here or even on the walls of the Belmont and Gabriel Park Laughing Planet locations (coming soon). It's sure to leave you wanting more.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Come Celebrate Civilization’s Best Ideas: Shoes and Brews

Rarely do you get the best of both worlds. That is, something for less and something for free. With Frank client’s SKORA and Breakside Brewery, you get both: great deals on running shoes and free beer. 

We guarantee you’ll have a good time. Rather, that’s what the booze is for. So come help us ogle these shoes and finish this beer this March 1st from 12-6pm and March 2nd from 10am-2pm.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Controversy & Conversation

Just the way Frank likes it.

galleryHOMELAND is proud to announce exhibition of the fine art of Portland's own Peter Moore. Peter Moore's work offers a new set of perspectives, social and political, controversial and conversational. Using a combination of screen printing, rubbing, and illustrative techniques, Peter’s artwork is pointed and uniquely his own.

Peter is best known for his influence on shaping the art of the modern sportswear industry, namely as Nike's original Global Creative Director, a creator of the first Air Jordan, and leading the global creative resurrection of adidas America and adidas AG. For the last 10 years, Peter has begun to channel his lifelong interest of print making into a new vehicle for his art form - art that is provocative, at times humorous, but always crafted with something to say.

January 18, 2013 7pm-10pm

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Enell Goes Big with a Little Frank Advice

For nearly 20 years, ENELL has been the secret of women athletes endowed with, shall we say, big features. ENELL’s uniquely designed sports bra support the body, stop the bounce, and enable women to get active and get fit!

But benefits like that are too good to stay secret. That’s why ENELL teamed with Frank to launch a whole new ENELL – a new brand image and personality, a new product style and color, and a new website that better tells the ENELL story to the faithful. 

To go along with the upgraded brand, Frank created an exciting retailer, editor, and celebrity gifting program, along with a free social marketing initiative for all our social media mavens ready to help all get fit and fabulous through the Holidays and into the New Year.

First up is Enell Sport's new Purple Orchid colorway that sends a shot of style to what is some women’s most important piece of equipment. Second is the new Enell Lite style that offers greater support in a lighter-weight material meant for studio use and/or all day comfort.

Check out enell.com to see the new branding and the microsite dedicated
to the Purple Orchid and Lite. Or join the social media conversation on
www.Facebook/EnellSportBras or on Twitter at @Enell.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Frank Covers OWC with Canopy

The Oregon Woodland Co-op came to Frank to help them create a new brand for the many products that can be sustainably harvested from their forests. First up, Canopy Essential Oils.
Canopy Essential Oils are 100% pure, steam distilled extract from indigenous forests of the Oregon Woodland Co-op. Crafted for the professional aroma therapist and casual user alike, Canopy Essential Oils refresh, revive, and cleanse the senses.  Breathe deep and enjoy.