Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perfect Season

I’m sad to say that the 2008-2009 NCAA football season officially came to a close. Although Florida will retain the #1 spot until the pre season polls begin to service this summer, something truly magical happened this season. Of course, I am talking about the perfect bowl record executed by the Conference of Champions and an impressive 5-2 record* for the in house Frank crew.

It all started off when the, unlikely, Arizona Wildcats put a double-digit dent in the BYU Cougars’ post season at the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big ZONA fan, nor have I ever been a big supporter of the Stoops family. PAC 10: 1-0 / FRANK: 0:0

Next the California Golden Bears secure a win over the ‘Canes in what could be considered a home game at the Emerald Bowl at AT&T Park. A bittersweet win for the Duck fans in the office, as Coach Tedford was a tough loss. PAC 10: 2-0 / FRANK: 0:0

Then it was the Duck’s turn. A civil war match up at the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl between U of O and OSU… no, not that OSU…not that one either…that’s right Oklahoma State. The Civil War of Donors. Phil Knight 42, T. Boone Pickens 31. PAC 10: 3-0 / FRANK: 3:0

To finish off 2008, I present to you the Brut ‘disappointment’ Sun Bowl. Beav’s thought they smelled roses, and viewers expected more than 3 points. Would this be the last team from PA to lose to a PAC10 team? PAC 10: 4-0 / FRANK: 4:0

Nope. The Granddaddy of ‘em All. Joe Paterno vs. Pete Carroll. The 95th annual Rose Bowl Presented by Citi Bank. A new year, and the largest margin of victory (2 TD’s) by a PAC 10 bowl team this season. Fight On! PAC 10: 5:0 / FRANK: 5:2

I guess its safe to say that the best thing that comes out of the end of football season is the full coverage of basketball season.

* It should be noted that a win for Oregon was counted 3 times, once for every alumni in the office and that the 2 losses came from a very heated in house rivalry between two tradition programs.

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