Monday, November 26, 2012

Enell Goes Big with a Little Frank Advice

For nearly 20 years, ENELL has been the secret of women athletes endowed with, shall we say, big features. ENELL’s uniquely designed sports bra support the body, stop the bounce, and enable women to get active and get fit!

But benefits like that are too good to stay secret. That’s why ENELL teamed with Frank to launch a whole new ENELL – a new brand image and personality, a new product style and color, and a new website that better tells the ENELL story to the faithful. 

To go along with the upgraded brand, Frank created an exciting retailer, editor, and celebrity gifting program, along with a free social marketing initiative for all our social media mavens ready to help all get fit and fabulous through the Holidays and into the New Year.

First up is Enell Sport's new Purple Orchid colorway that sends a shot of style to what is some women’s most important piece of equipment. Second is the new Enell Lite style that offers greater support in a lighter-weight material meant for studio use and/or all day comfort.

Check out to see the new branding and the microsite dedicated
to the Purple Orchid and Lite. Or join the social media conversation on
www.Facebook/EnellSportBras or on Twitter at @Enell.

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