Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving Everyone the Right 2 Dream

Right 2 Dream Too is a new local non-profit committed to waking people up to the importance of sound sleep and breaking the cycle of homelessness. R2DToo provides members a refuge, community structure, and a safe place to sleep in order to get the kind of rest we all require to be our best every day. You might have seen the doors* that surround their encampment at the corner of Northwest 4th Avenue and West Burnside. Actually, you can't miss them.

Frank is teaming up with R2DToo by providing design, copy, and production services for a new outreach campaign. Our series of postcards helps explain R2DToo's mission and outlines many of the items they desperately need for their members. Our goal is to help clarify their message, get the word out, and enable greater giving. We're also working to bring other local vendors along through small contributions that can have a big effect on fulfilling R2DToo's mission. Next up, a website overhaul. We'll keep you posted as partners come on board!

Visit for more information on their mission and learn how you can help. You can also visit them at the corner of Northwest 4th Avenue and West Burnside.

*You can 'sponsor' your own door with a $100 donation. Your contribution lets you design/paint your door however you see fit, as well giving R2DToo much needed cash to meet the needs of their members. It's a fun way to do some good!


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