Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green Frank

In a continuing effort to improve the sustainable business practices at Frank Creative we partnered with the Zero Waste Alliance to build out our new office space in Portland. Throughout the process we recycled over 50% of our demo materials, applied low VOC paint to the walls, utilized rapidly renewable resources, and improved our office recycling policies. Other small steps include:

1) Tyler now takes mass transit due to his fear of traffic jams after living in L.A. for 5 years.

2) Keo cut his daily commute drastically by moving from Corvallis. The smell in Albany was just too much.

3) Carter has upgraded his 1992 Bridgestone bike to withstand monsoon season in Portland.

4) Sue now receives a light slap on the wrist every time she throws out a piece of paper instead of recycling it.

5) Lisa and Heather car pool together because living and working together just wasn't enough.

6) Dave drinks his daily cup of coffee from a porcelain replica of a take out cup. It's like a fake cigarette except he is not trying to quit.

7) Lucas rehashes and reuses any and all ideas and copy whenever possible.

8) Steve has lead the charge in purchasing recycled office paper. The math was too much for anyone else to handle.

9) Denis met his wife at Burning Man. Enough said.

In recognition of all these efforts we have received an award from the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development for having a High Performance Green Workspace.

Oscar sporting his new bling

*Please note all copy for this post was dictated to Lisa by Carter.

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