Friday, October 17, 2008

AND1 - The Changing of the Guard

We have been working with AND1 for a couple of months now and I am excited to announce that we have four web banners from our Holiday 2008 ad campaign on Complex's website and the main artwork can be seen on AND1's home page.

You will also be able to see our work in SLAM and Complex magazines as early as November. So head to your local news stands and check it out!

The shoe in the ad is Monta's signature shoe, the ME8, which will be available in January.

Thanks to AND1 for being such a great brand, Lisa for some sweet design work, and Monta (Mon - Tay) for the killer moves.

Working with AND1 has been a blast so far and there's a lot of great stuff in the works. More to come as the basketball season gets underway!

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