Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Car-Pool Lane (minus the car)

With today's gas prices we believe alternate transportation is the only way to go while being eco-friendly of course. Having an office by the beach we make sure to take advantage of our location...even implement that into our commutes. Our marketing team takes this concept to a whole new level. Carter bikes along the beach every day to and from Manhattan Beach. However, Tyler took a different approach. With much planning and research Tyler has mastered his commute of swimming to work. He jumps off the jetty in El Segundo, passing Manhattan Beach and arriving at Hermosa Beach swimming a total of 4 miles. He drags a waterproof bag with a change of clothes and his running shoes for his 5 mile trail run home. I believe Portland has a thing or two to learn from the commuters of Los Angeles. "Portland ranks No.1 in bike commuting." (see article) "Frank ranks No.1 in Pacific Ocean commuting." (see Martha)

Off Manhattan Jetty. Only half way there.

Water temperature at 6:30am was a balmy 67 F, air temperature 60 F.

8:30am finished and getting ready for work. Turn lots of heads, mostly surfers, some dolphins.

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anne said...

Take that Hybrid drivers.